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LITHA - Jazz Thing Next Generation Vol. 100

Double Moon Records October 2023

Contemporary jazz with a pinch of rock - dynamic, surprising and thrilling. The music of the “Driftwood Quartet” develops from fragile miniatures to orchestral soundscapes and edgy riffs. The band moves adeptly in the field of tension between melodic composition, polyrhythmic structure and individuality in interaction and improvisation. Driven by curiosity and a desire to discover, Joa Frey continually tests new concepts in his compositions and is inspired by natural phenomena and personal stories. This results in complex and ambitious pieces, which at their core always convey simplicity and a dynamic, flowing groove. This opens up musical worlds for the audience that are accessible and fun.


... In short: As a collective of young jazz artists on the move, the Driftwood Quartet is a worthy 100th anniversary act of the “Jazz thing Next Generation” series founded in 2003.
Round, 11-2023

... a style of playing that can be loud and bombastic, but doesn't have to be. 

Jazz'n'more, 03-2024

The first sounds of this album already convince us that it is an absolute must...
jazzfun, 11-2023

... lie in the area of tension between partial polyrhythms and sensitive improvisations. ....
music view, 01-2024

... The fresh and vital fusion sound logically relies heavily on the contributions of the four musicians... 
Jazzthing, 11-2023

... allow everyone involved to have their say, tempo, complex, rhythmically variable and even lyrical. ...
NaDann, 10-2023


Joachim Frey

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